Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Vies Assertion About Technology and Society Essay

Vies Assertion About Technology and Society - Essay ExampleWhen I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is check the skype messages on my mobile phone to see what my dudes had to say to me overnight. I dont leave the bed until all messages have been attend to. In the school, I discuss latest Apple apps with my friends. My connection with friends system open full time in the school because one of the sites that always remains browsed on my computer screen is facebook. When I get back home, I remain in contact with my friends and brothers upon massively multiplayer online games. They consume most of my time. An insight to my day-by-day routine suggests that my social dealing have been enhanced because of the 24/7 use of digital engineering, though only to a certain group of good deal i.e. my friends. In my childhood, when I did not have a computer and there was no such thing as skype or facebook, I used to overtake more time with mom, dad, grandpa and granny. I used to sit with them, have lunch, dinner, tea and coffee with them. My grandma narrated me stories and I went jogging with dad. I discussed with mom what happened in the school. But all these golden moments have been swiped away from my life by the technology. Digital technology has also changed the way I perceive myself. This is unfortunate unless the change has occurred for the worse. Before, I used to feel that my blood relatives have more right upon me but with the passage of time, I have become more independent. I dont want to think like this but I have become more of a public property than my familys. Digital technology has increased my social networking with people of my age and distorted my social network with people elder or younger to me. Digital technology has particularly promoted my relations with people, who I am not related to by blood and weakened my tied with my blood relatives.

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