Sunday, June 23, 2019

Comparison between Jack Welch and Larry Page for Tracking Out the Dissertation

Comparison between trap Welch and Larry Page for Tracking Out the Ultimate Leaded - Dissertation ExampleTwo great draws akin Jack Welch and Larry Page has been considered and a comparative study has been performed on their leadership qualities. Jack Welch is considered as the man behind General Electrics (GE) triumph story during the period 1980 to 1990. Despite being of young age and having less experience, Welch went on to perform better than his predecessor (Mayo and Nohria, 2005). Larry Page who is quite hygienic cognize as a manager has made positive contri howeverions towards Google. He created the algorithm known as Page Rank ranking the different existing websites. Google has employ this site successfully to publish an order of the sites on the web (JBC on Journal Ranking, 2012). Although leadership and management are distinct concepts, yet they complement each(prenominal) other. Both the concepts play an important role for blood line growth and prosperity. But as pe r the current scenario of US Companies it is found that there management is excessive for these companies but they lack fitting leaders. A company requires a strong combination of both leadership and management in order to prosper. The ability of a leader lies in accepting upcoming business challenges and in dealing effectively with those challenges in the business world (Kotter, 1990). However leadership goals are mainly enterprising one but the managers set goals as per the needs of the company. Managerial culture has more rationality embedded in it and differs a lot from the culture which leaders bring within their companies. Leadership is known to have more practical implications while managers operate more on the notion of efficiency (Zalzenik, 2004). It has been found for business growth more concentration needs to be placed on the notion of effectiveness rather than efficiency (Drucker, 2006). Companies Board of Directors are now in constant search of business leaders to be the CEOs of their companies. They are not content with mere experience of the candidates for eligibility (Khurana, 2002). With this at the backdrop it can be argued that Jack Welch can be considered as a better leader than Larry Page being a business leader rather with the technical background kindred Page. The paper intends to support such an argument by making a comparison of the leadership qualities of Jack Welch and Larry Page for tracing out the more able and ultimate leader among both of them thereby taking a look at the background of the two great leaders. In recent times the naturalized business schools running the MBA courses are entrusted with the job of selecting those candidates who have the capability of becoming able mangers in the future. Such a selection of applicants is done by scrutiny their leadership qualities. High marks in GMAT are not considered as the sole indicator of managerial skills (Training Mangers not MBAs, n.d., p.81). Business schools are critici zed if they fail in creating able leaders. Without leadership qualities the business schools whitethorn not be able to come up with graduates who have real managerial potentials and can do well in corporate sector. Such a failure may be considered equivalent to a crisis arising in management study. Such MBA graduates in future may assume high positions in management of business schools and for this leadership qualities are essential (Bennis and OToole, 2005). The main objectives of businesses are to obtain fruitful outcomes. An organization

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