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Self awareness and career development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Self sentience and cargoner development - Essay ExampleThis theory explains the need of self awareness and how it go out be useful in leading a better life. According to this theory, one open fire develop inter soulfulnessal skills. A person should co-operate with his police squad members and must be a nigh(a) team player. If a person following Hollands theory will have a strong career and will find it easy to develop his skills. This will help in minimizing the problems with in colleagues.This theory will guide in enhancing ones personality in terms of his behavior, skills and ingathering in career. Without self awareness, a person cannot progress in career, as they find it difficult to move well with others and unable to carve a inlet for himself. Hollands theory of career development comprises of two categories that helps in achieving careers that are stable. Aim of his theory is to enhance peoples interests and help them pursue in their career which leads to success. Acco rding to Daniel Goleman(1995), worked up erudition plays a vital role in self awareness and career development. Emotional intelligence sharpens ones attitude of analyzing others. (Goleman 1995). This theoryEmotional intelligence helps a complete organizational process, right from the selecting a candidate, conducting test and interviews and appointing him in a correct job. It takes care of clients service and the clients relationship with the manufacturer. Almost all the organizational activities can be done in a perfect manner by following this theory. Theory on emotional intelligence can be utilize to know the abilities and capacity of an employee. This paves the way to a successful career. Major disadvantage is, this theory fails to concentrate on the behavior and elements like a persons character. Possessing a good emotional intelligence and not having interpersonal skills will not help in getting a good career. Instead a person must have both these skills to be sure of his ca reer development. As mentioned by Goleman (1995), there are two categories of emotional intelligence. One deals with self transforming in terms of behavior, realization of ones goals. The second category emphasizes on knowing others feelings and behavior. The important concept of this theory is self motivation, managing and understanding own emotions. Relationship management and managing others emotions are also a part of emotional intelligence theory. All this in turn leads to self awareness and enhances social skills too. By increasing the emotional intelligence one can be more successful in his career. I personally feel that, Golemans theory concentrates only on emotional aspects, but in lacks in describing the situational aspects. Though behavior is an important part, knowing only that is not sufficient in developing self awareness. This theory is useful only to understand our own behavior. As mentioned by Albert Bandura (1995), self efficacy is one of the major qualities one s hould definitely possess. Efficacy is, having a trust in oneself and faith in his abilities to control and manage. One should believe in his talent so that he can excel in his life. (Bandura 1995). In a problematic situation, how a person reacts and behaves also comes under efficacy. One can have a control on his behavior and is responsible for his normal

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