Sunday, June 16, 2019

Critical Leadership Competencies Needed in 2020 Assignment

Critical Leadership Competencies Needed in 2020 - Assignment ExampleJohnson & Army War College (2000) assert that there has to be accountability in lead because of the dynamic nature of the society. It is recommendable for a leader to have persuasive skills and be open to other peoples ideology.Understanding future leadinghip indicates that a leader should have a formidable followership. This is attainable only when the boundaries of the expectations of leading are defined. According to Marx (2006), learning has to be continuous in the leadership approaches in future. Respect lead be mandatory for both parties to benefit from leadership honesty will be a plus. Competition in the society is forcing leaders to exude positivism in the attitude. As such, the leader has to be friendlier in his approach to command a following in the current society. Leadership will be complicated because of the introduction of measures for monitoring performance.Globalization will influence leadership in various ways. It will lead to the introduction of technology that forces leadership to devise new strategies of handling organizational challenges (Hesselbein, Goldsmith & LLI, 2006). Diversification due to interaction of people in the globe requires a leader to be varied and informed. Technological programs that assist in decision-making will alter leadership needs in an organization. External changes such as the use of technology in commission will revolutionize leadership to a more inclusive

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