Thursday, June 13, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 82

Reflection - Essay ExampleThis did not go down intimately with some of the group members because they did not feel competent with the kind of knowledge other had gathered. On the other hand the new skill increased our engineering science knowhow. The mistake that the group did was to assign the part of assignment instructions to an individual like we did with the other questions. With this the person mistakenly omitted some parts of the instruction and no other group member detected. For instance he did not see the part of the instructions that the engineers were to integrate the sustainable development with their suggestion for projects fighting poverty, climatical changes and so on.Though achieved all the learning objectives that were laid down, we got feedback from the lecturer that would help us improve our work in that group for the subsequent projects. It is more impelling to work in a group than singly. It is important for all of us to go through the instructions together in future. To avoid the feeling of incompetence, we leave find everyone will search for enough information. For the group to be effective we will make sure that we have carried out research and consult distributively other to have thorough research. The group should have a leader an elected leader, to direct on how the assignments would be carried. Rules must be there to go past on what to do with the errant members and the division of labor (LEVIN, 2005).LEVIN, P. (2005). Successful teamwork for undergraduates and taught postgraduates working on group projects. Maidenhead, Open University Press.

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