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Organizational Human Resources Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Organizational Human Resources - Assignment ExampleHowever an all overall organisational diagnosis must be conducted to identify the ask and the areas of change. Organizational change can be defined as the initiative by the mangers to keep a constant creative, innovative and intelligent watch over the environmental forces and to audit the impact and influence on the business concerned and to find out action programs to find out appropriate strategies to maintain commensurateness between the two different forces, controllable as well as non-controllable. The subject area has been conducted in lieu of analyzing the key areas of changes, dealing with the factors providing resistance to changes and the process of overcoming the changes. The study has been conducted by keeping Diamond Express, Inc and the organizational scenario of the company in mind (Goswami, 2010, p. 105). Background of the Study Diamond Express, Inc. is a two years old customer sales and service company. It has 150 employees. Very recently the senior management has hired a new HR four-in-hand to develop a richly functional human resource degrammatical constituentment. This is a key strategic move considering the near future expansion plans of the company. Identifying Areas of Change The HR functions of the organization is scattered among individuals. This consists of many employees belonging to the administrative position looking after(prenominal) paper works and a management team looking after HR issues. Considering the mentioned landscape of the organization the key challenges of the newly appointed HR manager has been summed up. One of the major challenges to be faced by the manager is to achieve centralization. HR functioning is a very much core and specialized area. Therefore the company must have a fully functional HR department to look after the core areas. Therefore the manager may hire more or less HR executives to look after the core areas such as recruitment, payroll proces sing, performance management, and so forth Also these executives act as a touch point to various departments. The employees looking after the admin work can also be a part of the HR department forming HR and admin division. This recommendation has been provided based on the assumption that the organization has the budget to afford recruitment new executives. Another challenge to be faced by the new HR manager is to keep a high morale among the employees. The hiring of a new manager may make some the employees to raise a few eye brows. This may backsheesh to negative organizational grape vines lowering the moral of the employees. This may create insecurity among the employees and lead to attrition. Therefore the best way to avoid such unwanted circumstances is to communicate properly with the employees to build an environment of trust and employee engagement to ensure retention. As the management as well as the HR manager wants to achieve organizational change it is imperative for t he employees to understand the role and responsibilities. Therefore the Hr manager must make sure that detailed Job descriptions are prepared across the all departments. The HR manager should entrust the responsibility to the executives looking after different departments. The executive should carry out a job interview for specific job holders to prepare a detailed and appropriate job description. on with job description the employees should be provided the KRA or key result areas, so that the employees can understand the parameters

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