Friday, June 14, 2019

Training Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Training Plan - Assignment ExampleWe will be using online skill tests, shadowing/role play, and individual learning to properly strike a spic-and-span hire for this position. The full extent, including on-going gearinging can take up to 6 months. The role of customer service at Sport Chek is responsible for(p) for acting as a link between customers and the company. The main roles include assisting with orders, complaints, errors, billing, account questions, and cancelations.There are a variety of resources needed to properly train new employees including space, computers, printer/paper, online training modules and of course, time. All in all, the new hire will cost approximately $1000, which shows how important employee retention is.The training objectives are utilize to equip the newly acquired personnel with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that ensure they will be a productive part of the customer service force at Sport Chek. The new trainee should have the ability to com municate effectively with coworkers and customers, to start conversations with customers, to analyze and solve problems, and have the basic computer skills to work a register (POS system). The knowledge of global sports, sports fashion/ attire, and outdoor activities are essential. The trainee must also have the ability to learn through observations and hands on experience.In order for sports industry to action the changing needs of demographic, it is essential that new trainees become more dynamic, flexible and innovative with knowledge of general sports, sports fashion/ attire, and outdoor activities. New employees of Sport moderate must understand that the firm is the leading retailer of sporting goods in Canada. Therefore, having the privilege to work in the merchandise store exposes the employee to the greatest product brands that live across the globe.All new employees of Sport Check merchandise store should have a

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