Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Consumer Behaviour - Essay ExampleAccording to Sumathi, the primary market places that the business chiffonier target are (1) consumer markets, (2) institutional markets, (3) industrial markets, and (4) reseller market. The company can target any of these markets to promote and sell its products. Nonetheless, there are no clear-cut for the categorisation above. A business may target all the above categories or just one (Sumathi 2003).In the case of Blackberry Porsche P9981, the focus will be on the consumer market. However, the other tether re maining are also a potential target market for Blackberry Porsche P9981. In this case, the consumer markets include all the individuals and households that pervert and consume the Blackberry Porsche P9981 for their own personal use only. In particular, this group of people is not interested in setting themselves as manufacturers or reselling the product. Their main goal is personal consumption to maximize their utility. In this case, the t arget market for Blackberry Porsche P9981 includes mainly businesspersons and teenagers from the rich background.Selecting a target market exactly imply identifying more potential customers. A business can do this after it has segmented the buyers and developed appropriate measures of consumer insight about those buyers. Selecting the target market for Blackberry Porsche P9981 is determined by two important factors. They include the attractiveness of the market segment and its fit within the firms resources, objectives, and capabilities. These three must be given appropriate consideration in order to help the business achieve its overall goals and objectives (Noel 2009).The market segment of businesspersons and rich teenagers is actually attractive making it a highly suitable target market for Blackberry Porsche P9981. The size of this market segment is enormous, with many potential customers. The people of young people in our society is rapidly growing and their income level ris es steadily.

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