Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Titanic OR The Love Canal OR BP Deepwater Horizon Spill OR Essay

The Titanic OR The Love Canal OR BP Deepwater Horizon Spill OR Fukushima Reactor Meltdown OR Wikileaks(Julian Assange) - Essay Example This implies that, what is more important to consider for an individual is the fact that she or he as a person is responsible and independently acting, and conscious being (existence) rather than the labels, stereotypes, definitions, roles, and other preconceived categories fitting the individual (essence) (Thomas 23). Basically, what this means is that the actual life of a person is what constitutes his or her true essence instead of other arbitrarily attributable essence used by other people to define her or him. Therefore, going by existentialism, a human being, through his or her own consciousness creates his or her own values which determine a meaning to his or her life. Though existentialism has its strong point, other approaches refute it. Generally, existentialism approach can offer practical and useful solutions to psychological problems, it overemphasizes three different themes namely: meaningless, isolation and death. Proponents of these approach then place (Thomas 42). Ex istentialism alongside the ethics arising out of it can be such an attractive package. The fact that in existentialism one can create his or her actions, shows that this approach can give a person a good moral base line. However, it does not imply that it necessarily does that, as it has an assortment of belief and tenets but fails to involve detailed code of ethics (Warnock 46). Each individual is left to work the issue of ethics himself or herself but within the tenets of existential through system. This gives an individual a lot of latitude to decide what is wrong and right. However, it is worth noting that some individuals may reach a spurious notion of what is right and wrong. This is one of the key weaknesses of this ethics. The second weakness is that existentialism ethics is tied up with other systems (Thomas 43). This way, it can lead those who adhere to it into wrongheaded decisions. Existential principles are entwined with established, detailed, and complex ethical system s (Thomas 25). The third weakness is that existentialism is hard to be interpreted by many people. The result of which is that few people end up using its principles as their ethical guidelines The Love Canal is the Niagara Falls chemical disaster (Brook 3). This town was not arguably known for what it was designed for â€Å"love† but for being the largest chemical disaster in North America. As existentialism will have it, William T. Love had envisioned creating a town near Niagara Falls, which will run off hydroelectricity. His plan was that the hydropower would be supplied to this town by running these canal from the upper Niagara Rivers to the lower part of this river (Brook 5). Mr. Love’s plan was to turn this canal into a shipping route with a model city, which surrounded the canal. However, this did not happen. This is because the â€Å"Panic of 1893† caused the financiers of the project to pull out their money. Mr. Love went broke which meant the end of t hese project (Brook 8). The aftermath of Mr. Love’

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