Thursday, September 12, 2019

Planning an Effective Strategic Event Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Planning an Effective Strategic Event - Essay Example It will enlist the participation of thousands to educate as well as motivate to engage in tree-planting. Celebrities will also be involved in the process and will round the reforestation area where the participants will plant trees. Aside from the incomes from participants, the event will also raise funds for the sustenance of the planted seedlings to ensure survival, as well as fund other environment campaigns to follow so that ticket sales will be maximised even for those who will not be able to attend. It will apply the AIDA theory to develop and market the event. Introduction Increasingly, organisations need to find creative ways to build their business or cause, enhance stakeholder and customer relationships, and get their key messages across in order to drive growth and success. Events of all kinds nowadays are considered important and influential components in an organisation’s strategy, to help it meet key objectives. An organisation will examine its image, ethos and i nternal/external environments in order to use events effectively, and so must ensure it develops an effective policy and planning framework within which events will be developed and operated to achieve stated and specific strategic objectives. Charity Organisation in the United Kingdom The Tree Council is the umbrella body for UK organisations that conduct tree-planting activities. It was established in 1974 to sustain the National Tree Planting Year in 1973. It organises the National Tree Week which is part of the winter planting festival. Some of their campaigns include the Tree Care Campaign, Walk in the Woods, and Seed Gathering Season. It was registered as a charity by 1978. It holds events across the UK annually with the objective to maximise involvement in planting, caring, and enjoying trees and woods. It has 8,000 Tree Wardens across the UK organising volunteerism, community activities, fund raising, advise, and research on trees. Their campaigns include the Tree Care Campa ign that ensures survival of young trees as well as Hedge Tree campaign that promotes the Biodiversity Action Plan of the UK government (The Tree Council, 2011). The Event: The event is a tree-planting reality, live show in an area identified for reforestation. It will involve celebrities and high-profile government officials to conduct tree-planting demonstration prior to mass participation of which various tree-seedling types will be ready for every participant to plant. A performance by the guest celebrities will cap the event (Brown and Isaacs, 2005). Event Design and Details: Seedling trees and planting tools and equipment will be purchased as package to participating department stores, shops, and other retailers in the form of a purchased ticket. All the materials will become available at the designated reforestation area on the day of the tree-planting event. The event will teach all participants /ticket buyers how to plant seedling trees properly in order for them to engage in the activity in their personal time at their personal space. It will also teach them the importance of trees and how they can actively contribute to the improvement of the current state of the earth’s natural environment. The event will involve celebrities and high-profile personalities as demonstrators (Ducate et al, 2001). Prior to the event, a team of tree-planting

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