Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Essay examples --

Our business will not be able to compete with the other competitors without building a website. We will need to hire personal, such as software engineer and net developer or outsource the task. To create, develop and keep up to date all the software and website. The website will of course have all our contact information, description of services we offer. In addition it will have a feature which allows our future customers to get a quote by filling in some information such as the type of services they want, type of course, country delivered, number of days, number of attendees and language needed. When the information is complete we will provide an approximate cost for the services required. In addition, the developer will take care of the software that will be used to translate, schedule our trainings, and organize all the data and training information. So having employees within the company taking care of our website is crucial. Content: All the trainings, translating and services we will provide will need content .We will purchase data about the countries and languages we are targ...

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