Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Role of the HR Function Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

The Role of the HR Function - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that some of the main challenges that HR departments are confronted with are the acquisition of new technologies, new skills, incorporating social values, deteriorating conditions of work, etc. The project makes an assessment of the major roles of HR and their importance in the organizations. The basic function of HR in a variety of technical, complex, analytical tasks is to support the internal HR services in the department. The department conducts various duties apart from recruitment and selection, compensation plan administration, classification, affirmative action, position control, benefits administration, and personnel policy administration, labor contract. Besides it is also required to handle such responsibilities as interpretation, processing, and tracking of grievance, labor and employee relations, acting as the chief negotiator for the agency’s contract/s performance appraisal tracking, and also a wide variety of activities. One of the major roles of HR functions is to manage line management. The HR departments have the responsibility of communicating the roles of the line managers. There is also an increasing requirement for the personnel activities to be measured against the costs involved and the value that they add. The HR plays the main role in measuring the balance between the above aspects. Team development and management account for another important function of the human resource departments in organizations. This is done starting from the process of recruitment, selection, management, promotions, staff development etc. Recruitment involves looking for the right candidates according to the requirements of the organization. This includes choosing candidates according to their educational qualifications, setting the job roles and job descriptions etc.

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