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Strong relationships Essay Example for Free

Strong relationships Essay Dreams can be described as reflections, unconscious wishes, and a by-product of mental house keeping or interpreted as a brain activity. Guiley (1998) says, â€Å"Dreams are the inner powers that project out creativity which has changed lives†. All these descriptions may be true or false depending on which type of the dream that has occurred during the night. In is interesting that a greater percentage of dreams occur at night. Then the question is why do many dreams occur at night? Noticeably, this it the time of resting and every body part or organ rest or relax. This means organs like the heart, lungs and the brain do not rest but they relax. Therefore, this time of the day, that is during rest some crucial brain activity goes on and in many occasions it is a reflection of what might have happened during the day. There are many types of dreams, some of them turn out to be nightmares where some people may walk at night, others scream and few have lucid dreams for instance some people dream of playing football and they throw legs at night as if they are kicking the ball they had watched or they had played during the day whereby some end up kicking anything near them only to be awakened and find they are not injured. Other dreams may be about relationships especially among lovers. Parker (1999) says, â€Å"There is believe that the mind consists of three things that is the ego, the super ego and the id. The unconscious side that is the id consists of instinctive drives called pleasure principle† et al Freud (2001) agrees, â€Å"that most desires expressed in dreams are sexual†. This is may be the reason why people experience sexual arousal and wet dreams. There are strong relationships between physiological theories and psychological theories. It has been concluded by the scientists that many dreams occur during the Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Every person dreams, right from the toddlers or infants to the aged but dreams differ. This means a teenager’s dreams may not be same as of the elderly dreams. Averagely everybody dreams every night but the intensity of the dreams differ depending on the reflective stance of the brain at that time. Time is also a factor for dreams, some dreams are short and others are long winded depending on the time taken in dreaming. Parker (1999) observes that, â€Å"a dream takes roughly 30- 45 minutes and those awakened during the REM are able to remember or recall their dream at that moment†. Some dreams are so vivid that they can be revealed immediately a person wakes up. Many of the dreams are forgotten before or immediately a person wakes up. Them memory plays an integral role on dream remembrance as Christos (2003) concurs, â€Å"Neural network models suggest that memories are constantly competing with each other, they change with time and some memories are easily displaced† Dreams are extremely important in many ways, for instance, prophets during the ancient times were able to discern events to come and or befall people or a community through dreams. Lukeman (2001) says that, â€Å"in some dreams, we tap into prophecy and other kinds of information that cannot be known in the ordinary sense. † Parker (1999) agrees that, â€Å"whether old superstitions can help you see the future is questionable but a great deal of empirical evidence suggest that dreams can be prophetic. The most interesting dreams of the future can come through a phenomenon called lucid dreams. † A good number of musicians confess that their greatest musical hits appeared in dreams at night. One day I dreamt on how to manufacture a pistol and if I had the time I could have drawn the sketch just the way I saw it in the dream but unfortunately three day passed and I forgot the whole sketch. The dream came about after one of the family members had regularly thwarted my good plans to go overseas for further studies. So, I was extremely annoyed and I could think of any way to eliminate him. Luckily I did not do it and today the family member is a good neighbor. This dream falls under the psychological theory. I had suffered psychological torture after losing a golden chance to go overseas for further studies. Therefore good things produce good dreams while bad and stressful things cause bad or evil dreams. Conclusion Dreams are essential for psychological and physiological aspects of life. Lukeman (2001) says, â€Å"Dreams are crucial to every day health and well being. Studies have shown that bizarre things start to happen when people are prevented from dreaming. Things like confusion, exhaustion and physical illnesses start to manifest. † References: Christos, G. (2003). Memory and Dreams: The Creative Human Mind. New York: University of New South Wales. Freud, S. (2001). On dreams. New York: Dover Publications. Parker, C. H. (1999). The Hidden Meaning of Dreams. Carlsbad: Sterling Publishers Guiley, R. H. (1998). Dreamwork for the Soul. Boston: New York: Berkely Trade Publishers. Lukeman, A. (2001). What Your Dreams Can Teach You. New York: M. Evans and Company Inc.

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