Friday, October 4, 2019

Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethics in the Workplace Case Study - Essay Example ain action which makes a framework for behavior of the people; nevertheless, the company in question did not put any restrictions on the actions of its employees. As it was noted in the case, sales representatives were not afraid to acknowledge that they offered brides to the doctors which is a kind of action that is recognized as a crime by the applicable law. Finally, the strength of any ethical system is primarily based on the fact that every person who works in a company, regardless of the amount of powers vested into one adheres to the ethical guidelines that are spelled out. Contrary to that, the case of TAP Pharmaceuticals proves that neither employees nor senior management was willing to introduce changes into the practices that were carried out. In other words, if there was an ethical system in the company in question, it was more a theoretical concept than the one which was applied in practice. However, a close examination of the situation would reveal that there was an ethical system which can be defined as ends driven. Indeed, every action that employees of the company made brought the goal closer. For example, they built good relationships with doctor by offering their different gifts which were actually bribes. The case talks about big screen television sets, ability to earn money by keeping the difference from selling drugs that they got for free of at a discount. However, this was done not simply to make their lives better, but they make sure that they approve the drug that is being produced by the company. In other words, all those gifts served a simple goal: convince the doctors to recommend a specific drug over the others. Keeping in mind that doctors likes the benefits that they were offered, the readily agreed to do so, knowing that cooperation is likely to bring them even more benefits. Finally, the actions that were mentioned above resulted into the fact that the company made a bigger profit if compared to the situation if it had not bribes

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