Friday, October 11, 2019

Active Directory & DNS Servers

Scenario:I am working at two branch offices and have been tasked with where to place the Active- Directory Integrated DNS Servers and what type to use. One of the branch offices is very small and (5 users) and has a very slow network connectivity. Do I need a DNS Server and, if so, which type of zone should it hosts? The second branch office is much larger (about 30 users) and has better network connectivity. Does this office need a DNS Server and, if so what type of zone would you recommend?Response:Dear Junior Admin; I really appreciate the opportunity to assist you in regards to implementing Active Directory & DNS Servers in your â€Å"Windows† environment. Let me start by saying that without DNS your network will more than likely not function because clients will not be able to resolve names to (IP) addresses, also DNS enables network devices such as printers and computers to communicate on the internet or locate one another within the organizations local network. Based o n the given scenario, you have made an excellent choice of configuring the â€Å"Active Directory Integrated Zones† because Active Directory has the following benefits: Fault Tolerance – Redundant copy of DNS zone information can be stored on multiple servers. Security – DACL can be modified by specified user groups.Zones are Multimaster – zones can be updated in more than one location. Efficient Replication – Zone transfers are replaced by more efficient Active Directory replication. Maintain use of secondary zones – if needed.Note: Since Active Directory-Integrated Zones follow a multimaster update model which means all zones contain a read/write copy of the zone and can make changes to the zone information, â€Å"primary and secondary distinctions are not necessary.† The smaller Branch office with (5) users will require will house what would normally be your Secondary Server, utilizing the Active Directory with Integrated Zones wil l compensate for the slow network because it will avoid forcing queries across a slow wide area network link. The larger Branch office with (30) users certainly requires the utilization of DNS & Active Directory Integrated Zones† and will house what would  normally be known as your Primary Server and Primary Zone If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at [email  protected]

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