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The Role of the Visual in Todays Society Essay -- Architecture Buildi

The Role of the Visual in Todays Society The role of the visual in todays society is quite app arnt. Beautiful, flashy stick outs be everywhere in the media, and all of them serve the same purpose. The purpose of all of these images is to get you, the consumer to defile the product that is being sold, or at least buy into the idea that a particular product represents. The role of the visual in new(a) architecture is very much the same. The purpose of the visual in modern architecture is to publicize or privatize a build through any media necessary to create the desired representation, and thereby sell the idea. In the type of Le Corbusier, the goal was to create a very visual and public architecture. He recognized that not everybody would be able to go and personally name his buildings, thus he decided to bring his buildings to them. Obviously Corbusier believed very strongly in the representational value of his buildings, I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, a nd leaves little room for lies. In this quotation Corbusier describes just how important the role of the visual is to him. Experience is not necessary, and neither is discussion, just visualization. In the case of Villa Savoye (Poissy, France 1928-1929) Corbusier created a building based upon his principles of architecture, and the idea of the house as a machine for living. These programmatic elements yielded a simple building that followed his five points of architecture (peloti, ribbon windows, a roof garden, eject faade, and free plan). The way in which he composes these elements and ultimately how he represents the building are what make this a truly interesting piece of architecture, instead of a place for storing hay (as the building was once utilise). The physical appearance of the building (what it would look like if we were to visit) was an attempt by Corbusier to create a truly mechanistic building, A house is a machine for living in. The building is built in the middl e of a completely flat field, upon which this foreign object glass is placed, described as looking as if a spaceship had landed The building itself contains many of the same elements that one would find in an ocean liner. Elements such(prenominal) as a roof deck, railings and the curvaceous walls of the roof deck which look like the smokestacks of a ship. While these elements help to create Corbusiers desired image the wa... ...sen site were an attempt to privatize architecture. All of the photographs of the building that were taken are of the interior, and the comfortable and private spaces therein. Often the images contain furs, which were intended by Eileen Gray to personalise the experience of looking at a photograph. It was also supposed to, in effect bring the people viewing the photograph into her home. This would give them a feel to experience the building for themselves. This is shown by the very few pictures that are taken of the building as a whole, it isnt about watch ing E-1027 is about experiencing. This is in direct contrast to Corbusiers more voyeuristic beliefs about the visual.Although the visual can be used to many different ends in modern architecture, it is used mostly to sell an idea. In the case of these two architects the ideas were very similar and yet opposite. Corbusier chose to publicize his buildings in order to gain a wide audience, which he felt was important, while Eileen Gray on the other hand chose to publicize the privacy of her building. Both interpretations of the role of the visual in modern architecture are an attempt to sell a particular idea to the public.

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