Monday, May 27, 2019

Heavy Metal Essay -- Art

non-buoyant MetalHeavy Metals popularity is and has been on the rise cod to its many bands and increased guitar technology. Since the mid 1960s, when large(p) surface spread to the U.S. from England, it has grown in popularity. Many of the first bands that came from Europe came with two intentions to spread big(p) metal to other parts of the world, and to make it grow in popularity. (Ragland 1). Heavy metal is a form of rock n roll music played on electric guitars and amplified to unnatural volume levels. Such effects as feedback, distortion, reverb, and Wah Wah pedals are commonly added to the music. These effects create completely novel sounds, exploiting the possibilities of electric guitars. Most heavy metal music is based on death, Satanism, youth, and teenage rebellion. It is broken into lead sub categories speedcore, thrash metal, and death metal. Heavy metal is the general term for these three categories combined. It is often just called metal. Most heavy metal music is based around the electric guitar. (Ragland 1-2). Guitar technology has changed a lot since the beginning of the rock era. In the early 1950s electric guitars were very expensive and had few capabilities. Inventions such as wah wah pedals, fuzz boxes, distortion, reverb, and amplifiers have increased the electric guitars capabilities of making new sounds and music. The new devices have also made rock music more popular. More among the heavy metal population than the many other branches of rock n roll. (Hewens). Heavy metal music grabs a hold of rocks most rudimentary elements youth, rebellion, sex, fantasy, and a good time at all costs. It is directed towards the alienation and trauma that plagues adolescent life, particularly among the lives if teenage boys. They tend to see their lives as controlled by parents and teachers. For many others, it is a way to release frustration and anger. For instance, a heavy metal concert to those who like heavy metal, is not just a musical perfor mance, full of elaborate costumes and settings. It is a community of teenagers who participate in a shared celebration of youth. (Ragland 1-2). Heavy metal tends to be manful-oriented, but metal is not exclusive to the male population. Its basic audiences are dominate by white, male teenagers from criminal backgrounds. Women in heavy metal are usually objects of lust. They are visualized as m... ...icion. Money is what makes the world turn round. Although that is just a saying, it is sensibly quite true. It brings happiness and misery into peoples lives. In Great Expectations, Pip proves to the reader that money can really make a difference in a persons life. In the beginning of the story Pip was not wealthy, he was living in poverty. His manners were not as great as a full-bodied persons, he did not own much of anything, and he was handle bruskly because of that. Joe was not wealthy, and nor was Mrs. Joe. They treated Pip like they would anyone else, as an equal. When he went to Estellas house, she treated him like he was a laboring boy. Just by looking at him, she concluded that she was better than him because he looked poor, and she looked rich. That was the first time Pip didnt look at everyone as an equal. He looked at Estella as being rich, and him being poor. As Pip gets older, he becomes wealthy. He took this for granted and treated the poor as he was once treated so many years ago. He believed that money was power. Estella and Ms Havisham were powerful people through his eyes. He valued to be more like them. As he became a gentleman, he became more like them.

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