Friday, August 9, 2019

The prospective for the US to base solar business organization to Term Paper

The prospective for the US to base solar business organization to significantly enter the Indian market - Term Paper Example Identifying this particular need, various companies around the world are focusing on developing products of new technology from alternative sources of energy. This has automatically led to the generation of evolution of hybrid automobiles, increased usage of wind and solar power in terms of developing products and machineries, etc. Talking in terms of new technology, it can be said that for the purpose of fulfillment of electricity needs of various products of commercial and domestic categories, the solar energy is often preferred because of unlimited supply and constant availability and very little harmful impact on the environment. Because of the high costs of availing new alternative forms of technology, the market for solar product is tremendously large. Because of the large amount of the entire Indian population who are staying in the remotely located towns and villages of India, there is a huge demand for solar technology based products in the developing and emerging market eco nomies like India for the purpose of providing sustainable energy and lighting solutions in multiple domestic rural households (Bhave & Chatterjee, â€Å"Solar power on every rooftop†). SunGlo Corporation can focus on the process of fulfilling the energy and lighting requirements of this emerging market by its widely diversified product portfolio which comprises of both domestic and commercial focused product offerings. For this purpose, the paper evaluates the market of India from the points of political, economical, physical, social factors as well as the various risks and potential barriers and threats that can possibly arise in the Indian market. Mission Statement The vision and mission statements of a company highlights the company’s long term and short terms goals over the span of next two, five and even 10 years. It has to be mentioned that the vision of the company talks about the company’s targets for the longer period while the mission talks about smal l milestones and targets that the company needs to achieve in terms of attaining its long term vision. The vision statement of the company is to focus on producing solar technology products which has high standards of quality and thereby meeting the global demand for products of solar technology. The mission statement of the company is to cater to the solar technology products demands of the upcoming and emerging market of the new economies, thereby focusing on the process of the need fulfillment of the new markets. The mission of the company includes the point of investing in the setting up of a production plant in an emerging economy like India, China etc and thereby developing high quality solar products of global standards which will help the company to cater to the needs of the developed and other developing economies of the Asian region and other parts of the world. Introduction Overview The world of the 21st century, much like that of the past is moving at a rapid pace with a smooth and sustainable rate of overall developments happening in various parts of the worl

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