Friday, August 23, 2019

MBTI personal reflection paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

MBTI personal reflection paper - Assignment Example It enables an individual evaluate the effects of personality on leadership styles within the organization. From the results obtained from the MBTI, I learned that self- assessment can foster a person to identify his leadership behavior. The ESTJs has strengths and weaknesses, which are commonly important to concentrate on before taking any position. From the assignment results, ESTJs have strengths that include honest, loyal, friendly, and direct. Individuals with ESTJ personality traits are conservatively based on their perceptions, and they are contented with expressing their views. Besides, individuals with such traits are also direct in the fact that they like concentrating on real things and providing immediate solutions to the problems. They are commonly dedicated to their work, and they ensure that any tasks are not abandoned and are completed as they remain the right thing to perform. They are strong-willed in the fact that they stick to their own beliefs and defend their ideas relentlessly, and their principles are proven clearly. To justify the strengths of ESTJs, I can use my personal experience. I realized that I am hard working, direct and honest, a project organizer, make tough decisions and presentin g constructive criticism, and meet deadlines and goals. In relation to my hard working personality trait, I ensure that I bring all people together in the community especially during the celebration of cherished local events and in defense of traditional values that can hold families and communities together. During my high school education, I also liked being direct and honest while talking with friends and other people. Even though people with ESTJ personality type are comfortable with the organization structure, they also try to inflict changes that might affect the firm. They also impose tough opinions and ideas to other people working within the

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