Saturday, July 27, 2019

Taking Care of Teenagers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Taking Care of Teenagers - Essay Example Given that reasoning, one must wonder as to whether or not it pays off in the long run to raise a teenage kid. Those that oppose raising teenage kids do so on the premise that anybody between the age of 13-18 require too much parental supervision in their academic, social, and family lives. It becomes difficult to keep track of the teenagers activities at these ages because of their quest for self discovery and self-understanding. Some parents get confused because the teenager seems to wear his personality the way he wears his clothes, it changes everyday. One minute you can have a loving, clingy teenage child who wants nothing more than to cuddle with mom and dad. Then the next minute, you have a kid asking you to park the car 3 blocks from school so his classmates wont see him being dropped off by mom or dad. So, it becomes understandable when parents say raising a teenage kid requires volumes of aspirin in order to combat the headache that it is. But if you analyze it, these mind boggling personality changes within a teenager are exactly the stuff that a parents memories are made up of. T hese are the very moments that are to be cherished for a lifetime and make it all worthwhile to raise a teenager. Parents say that teenagers are rebellious and do not have a clear understanding of life and its intricacies. They get into so much trouble that sometimes a parent wonders if he should just prepare bail money instead of an allowance for the kid. These are the parents who give up on raising their teenager when they should be the most involved in the raising of their teenager. A parent has to understand that a teenager is on the verge of adulthood. Their problems are caused by the fact that they want to be treated as adults but still act like the children that they are during certain situations. This is the time when a teenager needs his parent the most. The teenager needs to know how to be an adult before he turns 18 and is officially given the reins to his life

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