Saturday, July 20, 2019

Emersons Philosophy Essay -- Emerson Philosophy Philosophical Essays

Emerson's Philosophy Emerson placed an emphasis on three primary aspects of life that illustrate the most crucial elements of humanity; nature, education and action. According to his theology, nature is the chief facet and because of its universal features, it arguably encompasses the remaining two tenets. Nature supports progress and action by providing physical accommodations in the form of material assets while simultaneously feeding the emotional hunger of man with inspirational beauty. His entire philosophy is embedded in the belief that an external presence shapes and influences the spiritual, intellectual, and physical elements of the individual. In fact, virtually every aspect of man can be traced back to the perfect order of nature. The way in which one views the phenomenon of nature can define the character of that individual. How one interprets the sight of nature has the ability to identify that individual as a poet. One who views nature simply and at face value like a child rather than manipulating and falsely analyzing as an adult would, is a poet. Emer...

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